1. The quotation we are providing is based on the information that we have been supplied and/or any relevant plans. Verbal instructions cannot be relied upon. Whilst we endeavour to pick up all details from drawings/plans, our quote relates to the written document we submit. Any item shown on drawings/plans but not included on our written quotation should be considered outside the scope of our quote.

2. The quotation will remain open for acceptance for a period of 3 months from the date there on. If the quotation should be accepted a written contract will be set up between Orsman Construction and the client and a 10% deposit may be requested prior to commencement of works.

3. The quotation is based on the visual inspection and assumed condition of the land/building, unless stated otherwise with evidence of a written description or detailed plans from the structural engineer or architect. Any change to those conditions found to exist as work proceeds may result in additional charges to those initially indicated and Orsman Construction will not be held liable. Where Orsman Construction are asked to extend existing plumbing or electrical systems, we cannot be held responsible for any failure of the existing system to cope with the additional load.

4. The client, in accepting this quotation, agrees to Orsman Construction carrying out the described works on his/her property, The client shall also make available safe, suitable and uninterrupted access.

5. The quotation is based on the work being carried out during normal working hours. Should weekend, holiday or other extraordinary hours be required the client may incur additional costs for this.

6. Any changes or alterations to the quoted works or to the materials requested by the client will result in an alteration to the costs. All additional works instructed to be carried out during the course of works will be subject to additional charges. Additional works will either be re quoted or carried out on a day rate basis, any extra materials will be charged accordingly.

7. The quotation is subject to the availability of materials, plant and labour at the time required. Liability cannot be accepted for delays or their effects either whole or part to causes out of our control.

8. The quotation provided is based on known costs for materials etc., at the time of preparation. Occasionally the building trade experiences sudden price increases. Whilst we aim to keep with in the quoted costs, we may be forced to increase charges when situations like this occur. We will notify the client of any such increases.

9. Any licences, skip, crane, pavement suspension etc. are only estimated in our quote and will be charged at cost plus 10% administration.

10.  Where present, it will be assumed that the supply of water, electricity and toilet facilities will be made available for the use of all workman on site. If not, an additional charge may be made to provide these services to comply with health & safety requirements.

11.  The quotation is based on the information given with the enquiry on all services either under ground or above. We would expect the client to be in receipt of all service drawings and all services located prior to any excavation taking place. No liability of damage to services will be paid for by Orsman Construction.

12.  Orsman Construction shall not be held liable for any works undertaken at the client’s instructions if that work requires planning or other consents, which the client has not obtained. Unless requested as part the contract, it is the responsibility of the client to apply for and pay all appropriate fees, for such consent prior to the commencement of works.

13.  Orsman Construction aims to carry out works to a very high standard and in accordance with current legal and building regulations. Any changes to the regulations which were not in existence at the date of this contract Orsman Construction will not be liable for.

14.  All visitors to the site where works are being carried out including owners of the property, do so at their own risk. Orsman Construction will not accept any liability for injury should an accident occur.

15.  Terms of payment are strictly 7 days from the date of invoice. Late payment may result in an interest charge calculated on a daily basis.

16.  Any disputes with the invoice must be raised in writing with in 7 days of the date of invoice. Failure to do this will result in the full invoice amount being made payable.

17.  All invoices where applicable will be subject to V.A.T at the appropriate rate. Unless the client advises Orsman Construction of any different rate we will automatically charge the standard rate of 20%.

18.  All goods, for whatsoever supplied, shall remain the property of Orsman Construction until paid in full. “Notwithstanding that risk in the goods shall pass to the buyer upon delivery, full legal and equitable title and interest in all and any goods supplied by Orsman Construction to the buyer shall remain vested in Orsman Construction, Including where such goods have been affixed to the land or property by the buyer or his agents, and shall not pass to the buyer until Orsman Construction shall have received payment in full of all amounts due and owing from the buyer to Orsman Construction for the time being (including any interest accruing and owing to Orsman Construction.)

19.  Where an agreed start date has been agreed for a job, should the site not be ready for work to start on that date we retain the right to charge for lost time as per our day rates schedule.

20.  Where the extent of works expands considerably from the initial agreed contract we reserve the right to increase preliminary costs accordingly.

21.  Orsman Construction will charge for our attendance and profit on any sub contractors nominated by the client or architect.

22.  Orsman Construction will charge 10% profit and handling on any items purchased by the client.

23.  Construction work creates dust, whilst all reasonable measures will be taken to prevent the spread of dust, we cannot be held responsible for its spread to adjoining areas.

24.  Unless otherwise specified, decorations include for one colour each to: internal ceilings, internal walls, internal woodwork, external masonry and external woodwork. Additional colours will be charged for as both materials and labour.

25.  Payment by bank transfer is the preferred method of payment, we charge an administration fee of £50 per cheque.

26.  Where works (particularly erection of scaffold) causes interference with neighbouring TV and satellite, Orsman Construction Ltd cannot be held responsible for costs related to moving and relocating said items.

27.  Whilst Orsman Construction endeavour to avoid any damage to adjoining properties, repairs to unavoidable damage such as cracks, dust ingress etc. will be additionally charged.

28.  All items of value should be removed from any area affected by works. If this is not possible we will endeavour to protect such items, but cannot be held responsible for any damage caused.

29.  Snagging lists must be prepared prior to practical completion and release of retention. These lists must be clear and definitive. Once issued they cannot be added to.

30.  If Orsman Construction are required to be involved in resolving design issues re reserve the right to charge hourly consultation rates. We would always inform client and architect before making charges.

31.  If temporary security alarms, including scaffold alarms are required these will be charged as extra.

32.  Parking and congestion charge will be charged at cost.

33.  Unless otherwise stated, quoted cost prices are always ex VAT.